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About K Facial

Hydrodermabrasion treatments originated in Korea and the treatment quickly found it's way to spas, clinics and beauty parlours in the USA & Europe.

K Facial has drawn inspiration from these popular Korean spas to create a hydrodermabrasion treatment to be used at home.

The state of the art tools utilised to complete a K Facial treatment lead to the stimulation of lymphatic drainage, opening of the pores, cleansing & hydration of the skin and closing the pores to block out bacteria.


    Use the Sonic Facial Sculptor to carry out lymphatic drainage that improves circulation of the lymph system and helps to eliminate toxins.

  • Step 2: STEAM

    Use the Nano Ionic Face Steamer to open your pores and get maximum effect of the aquafacial treatment to follow.


    You can opt to add glycolic or salicylic acid to the water of your Aquafacial Pore Extractor depending on your skin type to lift your skin and aid in the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles whilst gently removing debris from pores with painless suction. 

  • Step 4: HEAL & PROTECT

    Use the Ice Roller to close your pores, which will keep out any bacteria from entering your skin following the aqaufacial treatment. The ice roller will also serve to reduce redness & puffiness.