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K Facial

Sonic Facial Sculptor

Sonic Facial Sculptor

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The Sonic Facial Sculptor from K Facial will lift, contour and leave your face looking more sculpted and more defined. Unlike other facial rollers and gua-shas on the market, the sonic facial sculptor is battery powered to deliver an outstanding volume of 6000 vibrations per minute to your face to firm, tighten, and rejuvenate skin through pinpointed massage techniques as well as aid absorption of active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.


 >Lift & Sculpt Jawline

 >Decrease Appearance of Double Chin

 >Lift & Sculpt Cheekbones

 >Improve Absorption of Serums and Creams

 >Glowing Skin


        Heather after one week of use



        The Unique, diamond cut roller balls of the sculptor are specifically designed to hug the contours of your face, stimulate blood flow and deliver a relaxing massage to your face. Perfect mindful moments to kickstart your day or to help you unwind before going to sleep.



        The Sonic Facial Sculptor delivers the vibrations via two sculpted roller balls. The roller balls are specifically designed to mimic the simulation of a deep-kneading professional facial massage. This tool hugs every curve and contour of your face for a custom glow wherever you go. With prolonged use, this will help to lift and contour your face.

        When to use it?

        The Sonic Facial Sculptor can be incorporated into your skincare routine on a daily basis - conduct the treatment first thing in the morning before your morning skincare routine or the evening before carrying out your night routine. 

        Note that it can be used in conjunction with the Sonic T Bar, when carrying out a facial massage.

        How to use it?

        Step 1 – Cleanse your skin and prepare it to receive active ingredients.


        Step 2 – Put on your favourite serum or cream (have you checked out our Marine Algae serum yet? 😉)


        Step 3 – Turn on your device by twisting the bottom to the left. Now gently move up and outwards in one motion to achieve the lift and sculpt effect – see video above {arrow pointing above}. Repeat for 5 to 15 minutes.


        Step 4 – You’re now ready to go on with your day and enjoy the rejuvenated feel of your skin -thanks to the improved blood circulation to your face!



        Don’t forget to repeat daily.

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