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Aquafacial Pore Extractor

Aquafacial Pore Extractor

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K Facial’s Aquafacial Pore Extractor is the first and only at home device which clears out pores while simultaneously hydrating your skin with potent solutions appropriate to your skin concerns.



Cleanse, brighten and extract impurities with the Aquafacial machine. Users should expect to see instant results with 88% of our trialists reporting an instant glow after the treatment. Weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and enlarged pores.


When to use it?

The Aquafacial is best used after a quick cleanse of the face and then the Aquafacial can get to work on the tougher impurities which can get caught in your pores.


How to use it?

Fill the chamber with purified or filtered water and then turn on the Aquafacial. Glide the nozzle across your face to extract the impurities which will be collected in the extraction chamber.



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